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County Court Proceedings Judgement

Next Steps

Our team will always be able to advise on the best course of action and unfortunately on occasion litigation is the only way to go. Fear not though, Booth Cooper Mason & Associates have the tools in place to help you achieve success.

We will consult with you on how best to proceed, providing the right guidance and advice where necessary to successfully recover your money. This could be in a range of ways but typically the options available to you are either:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Statutory Demand
  • County Court Judgement
  • High Court Enforcement
Court Proceedings Booth Cooper Mason
County Court Proceedings Booth Cooper Mason
County Court Proceedings Judgement
Court Proceedings Preparation

Contrary to common belief, court proceedings are not expensive as costs are recoverable by you and payable by the debtor. Plus, our relationships within the enforcement Industry and related associations give us access to preferential charge rates and a network of industry professional to ensure your case is as successful as possible.

In the event that we need to escalate your case to litigation and a judgement is delivered in your favour, the debtor will not only be required to pay the outstanding cost but will also incur any contractual or statutory interest, court issued fees and fixed legal costs.

Other tools available to assist us collect your money include tracing, asset investigation and reports from our field agents and private investigators to determine the next steps.

As a result of the various options and solutions we’ve been able to provide via court proceedings, we’ve successfully retrieved millions of pounds rightfully owed to our clients. This is why we’ve developed a reputation as one of the leading providers of debt recovery solutions in the United Kingdom.

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